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Camp Paivika Trivia Quiz

1.  In the 1960s, a trip to do laundry in Lake Gregory meant an opportunity to:
  A)  Take a dip in the lake.
  B)  Stop in at Starbuck's for a skim latte.
  C)  Wait in line for an Orange Julius.
  D)  Take in a quick game of miniature golf.

2.  Identify the name and color of "Basic" Dave Alpert's Honda 160 motorcycle.
  A)  Banana Yellow - Beweep
  B)  Black - Babes
  C)  Maroon - Deuces
  D)  Candy Apple Red - Easy Rider

3.  What song is traditionally sung during serenading on the last night of camp?
  A)  Boom chick-a-boom
  B)  Leaving on a Jet Plane
  C)  Baby BumbleBee
  D)  Camp Paivika Song

4.  Where was the first CCS summer camp located, before it was established at its current location, and what was the year?:
  A)  Tamarack Lodge in Big Bear 1944
  B)  Tin Can Beach in Orange County (1948)
  C)  Irvine Ranch in Orange County (1950)
  D)  Saunders Meadow in Idyllwild (1946)

5.  What is a Paivikan's favorite campout dessert?
  A)  Banana pudding
  B)  Fruit and cookies
  C)  Smores
  D)  Cheesecake

6.  A popular camp staff hangout on their break time:
  A)  The Crestline Library
  B)  The camp director's office
  C)  The "Rock"
  D)  The walk-in refrigerator

7.  A noisy bird frequently seen around Camp Paivika is mostly blue, with black feathers on its head.  What is it called?
  A)  Mockingbird
  B)  Pigmy Nuthatch
  C)  Northern Flicker
  D)  Stellars Jay

8.  What former world heavyweight boxing champ visited Camp Paivika in 1963?  (hint: his daughter was a counselor)
  A)  Primo Carnera
  B)  Hector 'Macho' Camacho
  C)  'Jersey' Joe Walcott
  D)  Evander Holyfield

9.  In 1962 who was the Head Cook?
  A)  Judy Freedman
  B)  Evie Wardlow
  C)  Merle Andrews
  D)  Sandra Leiblie

10.  Name the current Food Service Manager:
  A)  Paul Cornwell
  B)  Toni Brase
  C)  DJ Wiley
  D)  Marjorie Pierce

11.  What is the Pill Box's official prune juice?
  A)  Sunprune
  B)  Sunsweet
  C)  Tree Top
  D)  Nasty

12.  What is the name of the St. Bernard in the 1964 Staff Picture?
  A)  Bunker
  B)  Old Bullet
  C)  Fifi
  D)  Cedric

13.  What is the most recently built structure at camp?
  A)  Director's House
  B)  Lodge
  C)  Swimming Pool
  D)  cook's cabin

14.  The "Paivika Song" is sung to the tune of:
  A)  The Caissons Go Rolling Along
  B)  Anchors Aweigh
  C)  Into the Wild Blue Yonder
  D)  Fight On For Ol' SC

15.  The green plants commonly found around Camp Paivika are what?
  A)  Bracken fern
  B)  Prickly Pear
  C)  Natal plum
  D)  Poison Oak

16.  How is the last night of each session traditionally celebrated at Camp Paivika?
  A)  Closing campfire with pinecone wishes
  B)  Staff serenade campers in their cabins after lights out
  C)  Staff campfire and talking stick at amphitheatre
  D)  All of the above

17.  Name the former camper who went on to play a starring role in the television sitcom "Family Ties" and the HBO dramatic series "Deadwood."
  A)  Mae West
  B)  Geri Jewell
  C)  Leonardo DeCaprio
  D)  George Shigematsu

18.  In 1965 who was Photo Shack Counselor?
  A)  Tim Hand
  B)  Brian Ebersole
  C)  Mike Riley
  D)  Roy Meckler

19.  What animal can often be seen at camp and is the unofficial mascot of Paivika?
  A)  Rattlesnake
  B)  Timber Wolf
  C)  Hamster
  D)  Black Bear

20.  What breed of dog is Bailey, the current Dog on Duty at Paivika?
  A)  Golden Retriever
  B)  Mixed Breed
  C)  German Shepherd
  D)  Rottweiler


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