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Updated August 12, 2014

PAIVIKA NEIGHBORS - Our newest effort

Alumni of Camp Paivika are spread across the United States and the world. Still, we weren't surprised when we found almost eighty former staff members living within a few blocks of each other in one Los Angeles County neighborhood. Paivikans got to thinking, and the idea for "Paivika Neighbors" was born; a series of local informal gatherings where staff alumni reside, hosted by one of their own. You may be on someone's guest list, so look for an invitation and be sure we have an up-to-date email and postal address for you. The first Paivika Neighbors party will be this September in Granada Hills.


This year's campaign is going strong, and has already raised more than $41,000. Thanks to all who have helped out.

Click HERE to learn more about this important effort.


Read the new message from Camp Director Kelly Kunsek.

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Welcome All
Camp Paivika Alumni!

Welcome to, the unofficial web site for Camp Paivika campers, counselors and staff - both past and present.  Camp Paivika has been around for more than 60 years and by our calculation, there must be more than 2,000 Paivika Buddies by now.  Some of us have been at camp very recently, while others have been away longer than we like to remember.  But, Paivikans are a special kind of folk, and we made a lot of good friends at camp.  Many of us would like to stay in touch! is absolutely free, and we hope that you'll Sign Up to be listed on our Camp Roster.  You can post your e-mail address if you wish, and also add a favorite camp story to our Memories page.  Your Memories are great fun for everyone, so try to think of a funny story about camp, a touching moment, or some bit of trivia to share with the rest of us.

We hope you like the pictures of camp we've scattered throughout the site.  But we need more!  After you sign up, you will also receive a friendly request from the PaivikaBuddies Webmaster to submit pictures to our Scrapbook.  We like old pictures, new pictures, before-and-after, funny, serious, color, black-and-white.  You send it in, and we'll post it.

We've started a Camp History and a Paivika Trivia Quiz, but your input is needed to improve them both.  Please send in your recollections of the camp's history, and trivia items for the quiz.  Just fire off an e-mail and we'll do the rest.  This site is constantly evolving because of participants just like you.

While you browse this site, take a look at the Camp Director's Message.  AbilityFirst (previously "CCS") does not sponsor or maintain this web site. provides the camp director's page and the link to AbilityFirst's web site as a service to the folks who have kept the camp in operation for more than 60 years.

Providing quality outdoor camping experiences for children and adults with disabilities has been Paivika's mission for over 60 years. The majority of campers have been able to attend programs at Camp Paivika because of state funding provided through the California Regional Center system. That funding came to an end in 2009 due to state budget cuts, and AbilityFirst launched the Paivika Buddies Campership Campaign to support its effort to replace Regional Center funds with private donations. We strongly support that effort, and urge Paivika Buddies to give generously. In addition, if you are willing to become a volunteer fundraiser for the Paivika Buddies Campership Campaign, please send us an e-mail.

Please help grow.  If you know of campers, counselors or staff members who have not heard about, please tell them to drop in. is YOUR camp gathering place.  And with your help and involvement it will continue to be a fun place for Paivika Buddies to hang out and renew old friendships.

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