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"Wayne Truck" and "Mary U.D." stopped by Camp Joan Mier during the tear down, and took a photo of the graffiti on the wall behind an old refrigerator.  The excerpt below was created by the hand of our Paivika Buddy Don Foley.

Don passed away on July 14, 2008
We'll miss you Buddy...

In memory of Don,
I remember - He glowed with energy, he smiled, he laughed with as big and as good a heart as I've ever known.  Even though more years have gone by than I'd like to think, and I hadn't been in touch, I recall his great spirit and caring for everyone around, even a newbie counselor.  I feel that spirit and heart gone from our world.

Blessings upon him,
Dave Heistand

  The best memory of Don is his uplifting spirit.  The man showed us all how to enjoy life.  At this time I have two words for him: "Hobercebin Ravacrivit!"

Wayne "Truck" Saddler, Joan Mier '74
"WUD", Paivika '75

Don was everything PAIVIKA!  I do not think of the camp and my happy memories of being there without thinking of Don and his excellent sense of humor.  He had such a smooth and natural way of working with All campers.  His causal manner was something we could all learn from.  A big "Ajua" for a very good man and his scenic truck rides and picnics.  He'll never be far from Paivika.

Carol Ann Benson (Rohrer)
Counselor '64,'65

  Don and I had been friends for many years and when I got the job of counselor at Camp Paivika, back in the early 60's, he came up to visit.  He started to fall in love with the place and it got into his blood.  Later that summer he came up for a talent show to play his drums, which he did quite well, and became more and more into camp.  Finally, after a summer of volunteering, in 64 he joined the staff as truck driver and took campers and staff on many wonderful truck rides.  That was Don's start at Camp Paivika and he has been a true Paivikan ever since.  He was a great friend and will be missed very much.

Mike Riley

Remembering Don Foley

I remember the summers of 1970 and 1971, when Don was the unofficial Paivika choir director as the counselors serenaded the campers cabins at the end of each session.  I often find myself singing the last song, "Now Let Us Sing, sing  to the power of the lord come down, lift up your voice, be not afraid, let us sing to the power of the lord come down.  I can clearly see his cheerful face and hear him avow "OM-BABY" and "It's Settled." 

Basic Dave Alpert

  I was nothing but a kid when I first met Don at Paivika, and he was someone to look up to for so many reasons, but I remember him most for his easy-going nature and ability to make people laugh.  In those days Don could also stay up all night, which I admired, although that caused him to fall asleep in the most unusual places.  What a guy!

Chuck Rohe

Don was such a sweet guy that always had a helping hand and smile for everyone around him.  He was the truck driver for the kids but he helped out where ever there was a need and enjoyed everything he did.  He will be sorely missed.

Sara Tanner

  Although his loss is felt here at Camp Paivika, the "Paivika Spirit" is stronger because of Don and his life.  Thank You Don.

Kelly J. Kunsek
Camp Director
Camp Paivika, AbilityFirst

Dearest Don,
Life is fragile my grateful I was that we shared a mortal hug and laugh last summer at the 60th reunion.   Your special gift of kindness and humor were a reminder to cherish each moment of life.  I will be there to meet you soon my dear Don, and I look forward to your Paivika hug with great anticipation.

Marianne "Gable" Reynolds
Paivika ~ Summer 1965

  When I think of my beloved Camp Paivika, I automatically think of Don Foley.  Don embodied everything that this camp has been since its opening day.  During his many years working here it seems he held almost every job title, but I know that he was in his favorite environment when he was taking campers on truck rides and hikes through the mountains.  Always understanding, caring, enthusiastic, happy, and ready to do the hard work, Don was the best staff member any Camp Director could ask for.  I am very sad that he has left us, but I know that in some wonderful place Don is still singing, "There are many pretty trees all around the world...many pretty trees all around the world..."

Steve Noceti

Remembering Don:

Knowledgeable on many subjects!
A True Paivikan!

See you later, Don.
Dave Loo, Paivika 1965-1967

  So long ago I was at Paivika as a counselor for two yrs and an asst. unit director for the last.  Don Foley was one of the first people I met.  He impressed me as a man who truly had the Paivika spirit.  A couple of yrs ago a got an email from Don and low and behold he still had the spirit.  Paivika has lost a good friend but had the privilege of knowing him for many years.

John Webster

I will always remember his pit helmet and shades.  Generations of kids were touched by his life.  I was one.  UM BABY LOVE YA, Don.  Paivika forever.

Joe Zelenis
Camper 67-74



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